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FLAMEVision Flame Detectors

The FLAMEVision family of flame detectors use patented IR array and triple IR solar blind technologies to provide reliable and cost effective fire detection solutions. FLAMEVision can be trusted in high dependency situations where fast acting and accurate flame detection is essential. FLAMEVision detectors offer superior performance in all weather conditions and all lighting situations with the added benefit of fire event location information provided by the IR array.

FLAMEVision can protect all hydrocarbon risks in classified hazardous explosive and non hazardous atmospheres. There is a wide range of system design options available with flexible monitoring and control interfaces and integrated video camera for verification purposes. Installation and maintenance procedures are easy and efficient, minimising the lifetime cost of ownership and reducing the need for complex test equipment and high level operator training.

FLAMEVision FV300 Series

  FV311S Infrared array flame detector
  FV311SC Infrared array flame detector with PAL camera
  FV311SC-N Infrared array flame detector with NTSC camera

FLAMEVision FV400 Series

  FV411f Triple infrared flame detector
  FV412f Triple infrared flame detector with PAL camera
  FV413f Triple infrared flame detector with NTSC camera


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