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MINERVA Marine MX T2000 Panel Range

The T2000 panels are intelligent EN54 approved and marine approved sub-panels, which can be networked. A test report detailing compliance to naval test requirements for Shock, Vibration & EMC (NES 814, NES 1004 Iss 2 & Def Stan 59-41) is available. The panel can also be ordered with a factory test certificate and label which references this test report. The T2000 panel is supplied with 2 loops and is expandable to eight loops using additional loop expansion cards. The panel will support up to 1000 addressable devices. The PSB800MK power expansion kit can provide additional power for the extra loops.

The panel has a strong cast aluminium front door, which incorporates a modular user interface that fully complies with EN54:pt.2. The user interface incorporates the ODM800 operator display module with a 16 x 40 character backlit LCD display, simple alphanumeric keypad and 5 softkeys. The OCM800 module provides all mandatory operator control keys and LED functions including Manned/Unmanned switching. Two control keys and 2 indication LEDs are provided for vessel-specific functions. Control keys and LEDs are labelled in English according to the default approved functionality. The slide in decals can be reversed and alternative text added.

  T2000 2-4 Loop Marine Panel
  T2000R Marine Repeater
  T2000 CV 3 Loop Marine Panel
  T2000R CV Indicating Repeater


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