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MINERVA Marine T1200-C
Panel Range

Developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom the T1200-C range of Conventional Panels from Tyco is a powerful yet user friendly series of Control Panels. The range is fully approved by all major Marine Authorities and takes advantage of the very latest technological advancements both in terms of design and manufacturing to the latest European, Marine and Asian standards.

Allows very early detection of accommodation fires with significantly reduced false alarms when used with Tyco’s unique heat enhanced Compensated Carbon Monoxide (CCO) Detector. Configurable Detection Zones allowing zones to be configured for any or all of the following: Latching or Non Latching Fire Indication, Normal or Intrinsically Safe zones and monitoring of machinery space zones.

The 1200-C range of panels are Console or Bulkhead mountable. Developed for use in vessels which require up to 32 zones of fire detection. Integrated Serial Voyage Data Recorder output module is available on 16 and 32 Zone Panels. Range includes a separate Water Mist Panel. Installation costs reduced by being able to connect Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) and non I.S. devices on the same zone.

  T1216W-C Console/Bulkhead Mount 16 Zone Water Mist Panel
  T1232-C Console/Bulkhead Mount 32 Zone Controller
  T1216R-C Console/Bulkhead Mount 16 Zone DC Repeater
  T1232R-C Console/Bulkhead Mount 32 Zone DC Repeater


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