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Network Interface Modules, CCU3 Interfaces and MZX BACnet Converter


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MZX technology offers a range of panels from a single loop to 32 loops. Each panel can address up to four thousand addresses and is configurable up to 240 zones. Panels can be easily networked by adding a network card. An MZX network can be extended up to 99 panels with panels interacting with each other where required. The network is a true peer to peer network which remains unaffected by a single node failure.

Furthermore failure of any panel’s main processor will not inhibit transmission of any fire alarm or fault signal from that panel across the network to a designated panel’s zonal display. Networks can be created using a wide range of cable types or fibre optics.

The use of the MZX Technology Network allows the fragmentation of a number of fire controllers to be drawn into a network system. Because every installation is different, the MZX Technology Network has been designed to be highly flexible, allowing for a wide range of different systems applications. With a large network system the amount of data and information passing between fire controllers can become high during an emergency condition. The MZX Technology Network communication protocol has been specifically designed with this in mind and ensures that each event message passed around the network is acknowledged by the receiving controller in the fastest possible time.

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