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Products built on the highest quality that perform reliably and safely in harsh and hazardous environments.

The world’s most demanding customers specify Tyco because of the knowledge that every product comes with the highest degree of dependability and durability.

A Global Portfolio Of Proven Solutions

Addressable Systems »

MZX technology embraces the best in both analogue and digital electronics to provide fast and accurate fire detection. The T2000 is a fully Marine approved EN54 compliant 1 to 8 loop networkable detection panel.

Conventional Systems »

Conventional systems are suitable for the smaller and simpler systems where the functionality of addressable systems is not required. The T1200 range of Conventional Panels are powerful yet user friendly series.

Bell, Sounders & Beacons »

Sounders are considered as the most important of all the alarm devices. It is a mandatory requirement that sounders are used as an integral part of the fire detection and alarm system.

Special Detection »

Aspirating Smoke Detection, Linear Heat Detection, Beam Detection: Specialist detection systems are sometimes the preferred option over point detection due to factors affecting installation.

Network & Graphics »

An MZX network can be extended up to 99 panels with panels interacting with each other where required. The network is a true peer to peer network which remains unaffected by a single node failure.

Hazardous Area Protection »

The most extensive range of products which are suitable for and approved for use in all classes of hazardous areas. ATEX and IECEx approvals are in most cases for both dust and gas hazards.

Detector Test Equipment »

World’s first 3 in 1 detector tester. Suitable for single and multi-sensor detectors, it enables functional testing of Smoke, Heat and CO and offers a wide range of benefits over existing test tools.

System Ancillaries »

Door Release Equipment and Batteries suitable for fire alarms. Fire Resistant Cable: Low smoke, zero halogen and requires no special terminations, tools or ferrules for installation.

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